Types of Exterior Car Damage You Should Look Out for

Owning a car entails certain responsibilities. Of course, safe driving is the most important role of all because preserving life is absolutely the priority of every individual. But aside from this, your responsibility to your car also covers your duty to keep your car running smoothly and properly. Your car is your investment and it should get the care it deserves in order for you to get your money’s worth for the longest time possible.

Caring for your car does not only mean the regular maintenance of the internal parts and engine. For most people, aesthetic standards should also be kept when running a car. The exterior is as important as the interior, therefore, any external damage to your car also needs to be addressed and corrected as soon as you can.

Chip On Your Car’s Paint

Sometimes, when you drive over uneven surfaces, there can be unavoidable instances that your car hit certain rough elements that can lead to its painting being chipped away. Unfortunately, even the smallest of paint chips can take away value to your car immediately so this issue should not be taken lightly. In car repair shops, paint repair processes are available to solve these kinds of issues easy enough.

Smashed Panels

Accidents can really happen. It is always a possibility that every driver should take into account that is defensive driving is truly important. If you are lucky enough, these accidents can only result in a smashed panel which can be easily corrected with the best car panel beaters in Melbourne. Getting the immediate solution to smashed panels is a must because if a chip of paint can cause a decrease in your car’s value, then an unusual dent can even lower its value down.

Damage From Weather

A bit of rain can cause little to no damage at all. However, hailstorms are a different thing altogether. Once a hailstorm falls and your car is exposed, the damage is almost always impossible to avoid. Your instinct should be getting your car into a covered area as soon as possible. But, if you are unlucky enough to catch a lot of the hail, then repairing the damage should be prioritized. A hailstorm’s damage can be devastating, depending on the sizes of the ice that falls on your vehicles. It can result to not just a broken window, but can even cause dents in your hood or roof or wherever part the hail hits. This can largely affect your car’s value and will need to be corrected as soon as it is possible.


Safety is the main responsibility of a driver and having bright and clean headlights is a must in order to facilitate greater safety precautions during night time or foggy and rainy days. These lights are important in aiding the driver in finding the right path and staying on it while he drives. A headlight that is unclear can cause serious damages if taken lightly. However, keeping the headlights clear can be a challenge but it should not be overlooked. There are services in auto repair shops that cover the brightening of the car’s headlights, not just to give a used car its previous glory, but more importantly to make it safer to use.

Car exterior repairs may seem a bit of a second priority over more pressing internal issues, but still, they are important and must be taken seriously. An external damage can greatly diminish your car’s value so be wary of these damages and avoid them as much as you possibly can.

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