Tips to Make Sure You Are Never Cheated By Your Employees

In a suspicious world, everyone feels like there is competition. However, trust is important,especially between employer and employees. Here’s how to help build that trust, and avoid getting cheated.

Be Careful About the Screening Process When Hiring Employees

A company cannot run for long with the initial few people who you trusted at the beginning to form your company. No matter how efficient your trusted employee is, if and when your company begins to see success, you will need to bring in extra hands to deal with the upcoming work. This is when you have to be careful. Carefully screen your potential employees. If it’s for a position of power, doing a background check is not going too far. Make sure you do everything legally.

Treat Your Employees Well

Treat your employees well, and you will earn their trust. In return, they will make sure you are not cheated by them. Make them feel valued¾make them do the training of your newer employees and show them the ropes. Make sure to tell them you’re doing so only because you feel they deserve the power.Look after their health¾give them health benefits and gym memberships. Do your best to avoid rebuking them publicly, but feel free to praise them. This not only encourages them to do better, it also paves the way to a solid trust between you and your employees.

Know Your Company Inside And Out

Know your company inside and out. Know every aspect of your company, and how to run it from every level. It’s completely alright (and makes a lot of sense) to hire professionals to do the jobs you don’t have the time to do. Your company’s accounts, your company’s social media account, your company’s lawsuits, these are all things you may need help with. But what we recommend you do is, to make sure you are at least 80% aware of what each of your employees is doing. You should know enough to question them, and make sure to question them ever so often¾this will keep your employees on their toes.

Keep Yourself Updated On the Game

Don’t let yourself fall back when it comes to keeping in touch with the newest trends, apps or software that is connected to your field or company. For example, if your company uses accounts receivable software make sure you know how to run this too. If there is a new app that is trending that help you check your employees work progress, make sure you know about it as well. Don’t rely exclusively on your employees to provide you with information and details. Do your part as well.

Be Aware Of Suspicious Behaviour

With time, you will be able to tell which normal behaviour is when it comes to your employees. If they suddenly start being clumsy with details, begin losing files or don’t keep in touch with you, be alert and keep an eye on them. The same goes if they suddenly start paying close attention to certain clients or projects that are not theirs.

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