Is Your Kid’s Room Too Messy?

If you are a parent and this screams your child, we may have the perfect tips for you to read on and get an idea of how you can quickly resolve this issue, for better peace of mind, for both you and your kid.


First things first, you have to throw away things your kid has outgrown from that he/she won’t get of due to sentimental value. A messy room can easily get neat by just doing this simple step. Unless it’s super close to their heart, just give it away. This can be clothing, toys and any other items that are no longer of use.

Creating A Scheme

Secondly, you should get together with your kid depending on their age and ask them what their interests are. Based on this you can figure out how much space would go into each aspect of things. If your child is less than the age to think on their own, you can select the storage spaces and create more living space for the room. For example, Toy boxes are easy to buy and could be re-used for a storage device even after your child outgrows their toys. This will also make the room more spacious and allow the child to get into a habit of putting things away after playing with them. They could just easily throw their toys inside.


Another tip for you is that you could re-arrange the entire room, this could mean you get new furniture to make the room more spacious and easy flowing or you can turn your existing furniture around in a way where there will be more space. Sometimes messy rooms occur due to the lack of space. We advise that you hire an interior designer for consultation, this will help you figure out how you can go by things.

Instilling Playtime Outdoors

You can also resolve or lessen this issue by instilling play-time outside of the room. In your living garden or park nearby, this will not only help keep the room tidier but also allow some natural sunlight to aid your kid’s growth. It is advised that children do get some playtime outdoors, it is known to also help eyesight.

This can also be a way you can get some relax time, as well!

Instill Chores From A Young Age

You could think outside the box and start sooner than the rest. By showing your kid small little things to do as practice such as keeping a toy aside after use could result in your kid becoming more disciplined and have the nab for wanting to be tidier.

If your kid is at an age of understanding, however if they aren’t that is no problem keep doing it and showing them till they get to that stage so that you can act as a good role model to your children. Remember, your kids will learn from you and if you really want a tidier room you got to show your kiddos what that really means.


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