How to Style your Shoes like a Fashion Icon

We all absolutely love buying shoes. I’ve bought so many that honestly, I’m not wanting for any right now. But let’s think about it, do you really know how to style the shoes in your wardrobe?

We often get caught up in the shoes themselves and trying to show off the latest purchase that we often forget what even goes into a good shoe or a good outfit even. Let’s be real, no matter how much you spend of a pair of shoes, if the rest of your outfit doesn’t match, you might as well not wear shoes at all. The clothes need to be speaking to each other. If you’re shoes are dirty though it doesn’t matter how much you style, it’s always going to look bad, invest in leather cleaning to add some shine to your shoes.

Men’s shoes are often the focal point of the fairer sex, so if you want your look to be so on point that you’re mistaken for a shoe model, you’ll do well to follow these tips.

Invest in the material

Fashion may come and go but a good pair of leather oxfords are forever. When you’re buying a pair of shoes, make sure to buy the best, most premium, and high-quality material that you can afford because trust me on this, they will pay you back over the course of years. Cheap faux leather shoes hostility put together in a sweat shop in China may do you well for a night but rest assured that it will fall apart soon enough and that would be money don’t the drain. Choose Quality over Quantity in all aspects of your life, especially in your shoes.

Stop matching everything

Yes, we’ve all heard that you should match your belt and shoes, But the pants don’t need to match, if they do, please ensure that the rest of your outfit doesn’t. because you will look absolutely ridiculous in your monotone. You might make for a good ninja though.

In general, don’t match your shoes with your clothes, but do match them with your belt and bag. This will aid in breaking up the monotony of the outfit. And will make you more interesting to look at.

Cuffing your trousers

To cuff or not to cuff, truly the eternal question. But really, stick to this one rule and you’re golden, when attending a formal event like a wedding or funeral, don’t cuff your trousers, in fact if you have excess material to cuff you probably need to get those pants tailored. And if you’re out casually, keep the cuffs thin and tight. You will look slim and neat. Avoid bulky thick folds because you will look like an adolescent


We love showing off fun pair of quirky socks under an otherwise formal outfit. Of course, you have to know the people you’re with. If you’re having a meeting with the board of directors, don’t take a lull in the discussion as an excuse to whip out your duck socks. Showing socks is only acceptable in formal situations where showing your ankles might be a problem. Remember, you have to know who you’re with. Also wear appropriate socks. If you’re wearing loafers, wear loafer socks, with trainer’s ankle length socks.

That’s it! style fearlessly and have fun!


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