How to Properly Market a Product to Consumers

To successfully market a new product or any product for that matter takes skill and a very well- thought out marketing plan. Getting your product out there for everyone to know about and benefit from is not an easy task. It requires everything from strategies to good advice and lots and lots of thorough research. So here are some suggestions on how you need to market your products in order to get the highest sales ever in your business records:

Memorable Adverts

Create advertisements that people will read and remember. Adverts that will provoke thought or adverts that put a smile on people’s faces. Anything at all that will gain a positive response from your potential customers and ultimately leave them thinking about your product or service. Think of some of the most memorable adverts you have seen. Such as the brilliant ‘Dumb ways to die’ advert by Melbourne‘s metro trains, which hilariously encouraged people to be careful around trains. The campaign was so memorable with its catchy and upbeat lyrics that it succeeded in reducing deaths on the train network. And even if you feel you are not creative enough to come up with brilliant adverts then just hire someone who can or take to the internet for some inspiration.

Customer Reviews

Sharing customer reviews is always a good idea when it comes to good product marketing. If a customer leaves good reviews on your website, then other potential customers will feel more assured about your product and be less hesitant to purchase it. Customer reviews (if positive) will help your cause.

Memorable Packaging

You require a well-designed logo and clear labels. The packaging has to be aesthetically pleasing. Just talk to The Marketing Project Geelong and you will find out why there can’t be high sales without good packaging. Your packaging is the first thing people see and if they do not like it then they will be put off from purchasing it. So make sure your packaging is fun, clear and unforgettable too. However, this does not mean that your packaging needs to be wasteful. You can have extraordinary packaging that is also simple.

Use Social Media

It is a very useful (not to mention very powerful) tool and it would be beyond unwise to not maximum promotion through social media. These days it is amazing to note that if even a single celeb were to post something on Instagram (or any other social media platform) about how much he or she loves eating a particular food or using a particular brand, the sales of that food or brand would go up exponentially. Because so many people are obsessed with what their favourite celebs are eating, drinking, using or doing. So advertising through social media is a great way to reach a large number of people through just a single message that you share.

These tips should help you market whatever product or service you might want to sell. You probably knew about most of these but this is the simplified and straightforward version of it all.


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