How To Plan A Successful Conference

Planning a conference can be one of the most exciting and difficult things to do. Unlike a normal company event, a conference attracts more people and most of them will be from outside your company. Therefore you need to make a really good impression on them. Experts in the field, competitors and even potential recruits could be attending the event so you need to put your best foot forward so that your company will seem very reputable. So how do you plan it? Let’s see below.

Decide On The Importance And Size

Conferences can vary in size. There are some that are geared to a small crowd while others try to attract a thousand people or more. Furthermore the importance of the event can also vary. Some might be significant and aim to make changes in the industry while others can be quite small in their goals. Therefore speak to your senior management and decide on the size and importance of the event. Once you have this down you can approach the rest of the tasks with more ease.

Scout Sponsors

Unless your company is willing to take the entire tab for the event, you will need to find a sponsor for the event. Finding a sponsor can be tough as not many companies are willing to sponsor conferences however if you pitch it the right way you can find good sponsors. Make a sponsorship proposal and try to find a list of benefits for potential sponsors. Also remember this, companies whose customer base are likely to visit the conference will be more willing to sponsor the event  than companies who  are unrelated to the conference attendees. As the former would be able to promote their product and increase sales while the latter won’t be able to do that.

Pick A Proper Venue

Depending on how many sponsors you have and the budget for the conference you need to pick a proper venue. To pick a venue, choose one that fits your budget and is easy to access. If located a bit further away try to find a venue that has accommodation so that conference attendees will not be inconvenienced. A Geelong conference centre with accommodation is a good choice if you need your venue to have proper facilities that cater to your attendees. Another thing you need to consider when choosing your venue is the size of the conference room. When getting a room make sure it is able to comfortably fit all your attendees and still have room for about 10 percent more. That way the event will look full but not overcrowded.

Food And Water Should Be In Plenty

A conference can take a lot of time and attendees can be dehydrated and hungry. To  ensure they remain comfortable you need to make sure that they always have water to drink and that there is enough food to go around. Always remember that you need to have more food than necessary. Some of the attendees may eat more than their portion and as you cannot stop them it is always wise to ensure there is extra food. Also try to make sure that there are options available for vegans and people who have other dietary concerns.

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