How to Make Your Office More Sustainable

With more and more companies recognizing the long-term value and pressures of running a sustainable business, there’s more questions being asked on how they can make that change. It’s a commitment that pays off well, increasing your efficiency, reducing costs long term and vastly boosting your reputation and thus, increasing business. So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of it, how exactly can you make your space eco-friendlier and more sustainable?

A Sustainability Team

Having a sustainability team means there’s a lot more that can be focused on, made aware of and accomplished. Your team will carry out various projects including establishing a recycling program, ensuring the conversion to more sustainable appliances and equipment, measuring and tackling the company’s carbon footprint by checking power meters, number of supplies ordered and even industrial impacts. By having a team, you also won’t have to hand out brochures, which your employees will hardly read, but have the team educate them on waste management and other aspects of sustainability.


Create green challenges for your employees to keep them motivated on going green. For example, you can have the office go without using plastics for a month and for those who succeed, they’ll get small rewards like a gift voucher etc. It’s an easy way to keep them engaged but you’ll have to assign your sustainability team to make sure they actually follow the rules.

Natural Light

Did you know that employees who work near a sunlit window have a 15% higher productivity rate? Maximize your use of natural sunlight. This is not only great for the body but also drastically reduces your energy consumption. Any lighting fixtures you have should be converted to LEDs and don’t forget to switch everything off once done for the day.


Corrections, updates and revisions take up to 90% of office waste. Reducing on paper consumption will significantly reduce your company’s greenhouse gas emissions. We’re not saying make a conversion overnight but gradually- a ten percent shift at a time would help your case. For example, start by reviewing your documents online and asking your vendors for e-statements and invoices. You can also set up an automated payment system and reduce your dependence on paper-based checks. There are many changes to be made but you need to invest in quality technology to do so. Embrace the digital world for all its advantages and making your office more sustainable will have become a much easier task.


Offices need to be spick and span at all times and sustainable workplaces are no different. Having an unhygienic, dirty work environment takes away from what you’re trying to achieve. Back up your sustainable venture with a pristine office and hire the right guys for the job to see to it.

Renewable Energy

To complete your campaign, you’ll have to make the switch to renewable energy. To do this, contact your local energy supplier and request for a green energy plan sourced by wind or solar energy. While priced more competitively, it is a quintessential component in making the switch that will definitely pay off in the long run.

Follow this simple guide to the T and remain committed to it and you’ll have that sustainable office up and running in no time!

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