Guide to Choosing a POS System for Bars and Nightclubs

We often see POS systems used in supermarkets and other shops. However, this system can also be utilized in other businesses such as pizzerias, nightclubs and restaurants. POS systems used in these areas have features that are slightly different from the usual cashier-like system. If you’re planning to shift into this new system to manage your nightclub or bar efficiently, here are the top things to consider.

Features of the Best POS System for Bars and Nightclubs

  • Customizable – A bar menu has lots of quirky choices especially when it comes to drinks. Your system should be able to handle the different drink customization of every customer. Data input should also be quick because there will be plenty of customers that are waiting for their turn.
  • Management of Checks – One of the essential features POS for bars must have is the ease of managing checks. It should be easy for your workers to split checks and print multiple copies of it in a short period of time. It is also convenient for them since everything is recorded and they don’t have to recall everything that was ordered before printing a check.

  • Pre-authorization of Payments – You can pre-auth a customer’s card and be assured that it isn’t fake plus it has funds in it. Entertaining so many customers at a short time, you’re system must be able to easily filter out fake cards and IDs. You can also save the customer’s information on a tab and simply add everything that he orders there. Saves a lot of time in managing checks.
  • Menu Management – You can easily add and remove items from your menu even if you’re not in the bar. The cloud-type system allows you to do that no matter where you are.
  • Mobile-enabled – POS systems can be used on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android This helps your staff take orders on the table and automatically send them to a kitchen or bar POS display.
  • Inventory Management – This system tracks your inventory especially the costs and profits. You can easily trace if something in your menu increased in cost so you can quickly adjust the prices.
  • Tips – You can add a suggested tip percentage on the check so your customer can simply hand the tip without the trouble of calculating it. Aside from making it easier for customers, you can also make your staff happy.
  • Customer Relationship Management – You can keep track of the biggest spenders in your bar through this feature. Because you have some of their details, you can reach out to these VIPs and offer promotions, especially on big holidays.

  • Attract New Crowds – New bar POS systems have features that connect them to social media. This allows bar patrons to easily advertise or post the latest events in their bar to attract new and even return customers.
  • Monitor Staff Performance – Even with the use of this technology, you can still track who among your staff are high sellers and those who are idle most of the time.

With lots of POS systems to choose from, always remember to choose one that fits the needs of your bar or nightclub. Try this new system and see the difference for yourself.

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