Glass: Functions, Types, and How to Find What You Need

The versatility, strength, and beauty of glass make it a much sought after material to use in residences, offices, and various other structures. If you are involved in a construction project or are a retailer, you may not be fully aware of all the different types that are available on the market. After all, in the last few years alone, this industry has progressed quite a bit and now there are more options than ever. If you are interested in acquainting yourself with all of these categories, then you should keep reading…

High Performance

Considering the high costs of utilities these days, most people are relying on high-performance glass to keep the energy costs in check. This is why glass suppliers Melbourne are finding that there is an increase in demand in this particular category. These kinds of panes and sheets have been designed with optimal insulation in mind. This means that they are excellent at keeping building interiors cool in the summer while preventing heat from escaping in the winter. Of course, the attributes of these materials don’t end here – they can also be used to curb other aspects of the environment and climate. For instance, there are some that work to reduce noise pollution. Others, have been specifically created for showcase opportunities and are anti-reflective.

High Transparency

In many instances, individuals prefer to be able to see clearly through their window panes or other portions of buildings. Now, with traditional options, this view is marred a bit. Either the presence of certain colours in the glass or distortion can mess with the overall effect. If you are looking to get rid of such an issue, then you may want to consider either low-iron or clear float glass. With the low-iron type, you are afforded ultimate clarity as these panes are incredibly transparent and don’t contain any additional hues. The clear float version, on the other hand, allows high daylight transmission and creates very little distortion.


There is always a chance that even the thickest and strongest glass will break. When this happens, there is always a chance of damage or injury. Well, with safety glass, you can remove such hazardous situations from the equation. Now, there is some variation within this category and you will find that you will have to choose between two varieties – laminated and toughened. With laminated, in the event that the pane does break, it is contained by an interlayer. As such, it is unlikely that it will fall out of its frame. Toughened, on the other hand, will shatter if there is enough pressure. However, all of the pieces will be rather blunt and thus, are not harmful to you.

Smart Technology

Believe it or not, even glass has embodied smart technology now. Known as switchable glass, this type allows you to determine the opaqueness with electric-based technology. As a result, you can alter the ‘tint’ of the pane, depending on how you are using it. Thanks to this invention, you don’t have to be stuck with a permanent colour that isn’t suitable for all lighting conditions.

These are the most common and important types of glass that you need to know about. You can now determine what your best option is.

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