4 Genius Ways to Improve Warehouse Productivity

Warehouses are facilities placed at the heart of the supply chain and constantly bustling with many man and machine components working in collaboration to perform their activities in a timely and efficient manner. However, to ensure that these objectives are met, facility managers must work hard to boost the overall productivity of the warehouse through the implementation of carefully selected improvements and enhancements. Here are four such great storehouse improvement ideas to increase its efficiency.

Increased Level of Employee Comfort

Labour, which accounts for the biggest warehouse related cost must be managed well and carefully, as the way workers feel when performing their jobs is directly related to the overall productivity of the facility. Storehouse work can be both tiring and repetitive and when carrying out these activities over prolonged periods of time, workers tend to get frustrated and lose their enthusiasm, which is never good news. Allocate an area in the facility, where the workers can go to rest and relax after a long session of work to rejuvenate their body and mind, along with a kitchen space and a television. Studies show that music can significantly improve productivity, especially when engaging in physical activities such as those performed in a warehouse. try playing some soothing tunes during the work-hours to get your troops really engaged in what they do.

A Better Layout

First of all, review the current layout of your storeroom and check if where and how items are stored makes sense. If materials are scattered all across the floor without any specific order (alphabetical, size-based, FIFO etc.), then it will be very difficult for the workers to keep track of the thousands of inventories held at a given pint of time, which will considerably delay the response time, leading to increased costs. A better approach to this would be to store the most popular items in strategic positions (closer to the shipping dock) and bring inter-related items together into the same area. Vertical pallet racks must be included to make better use of the vertical space available, minimizing the cluttering of the floor. Research on providers of pallet racking Melbourne to source the adequate number of racks for your warehouse, based on the level of inventory held.

Upgrading the Technologies

The many technological components used in a warehouse must be improved over time as the volume of materials handled and the number of operations performed by the facility increases. Since a storehouse operation requires the workers to constantly walk around and engage with the inventories as they take counts, check for availability and make future predictions, traditional workstations with a table and a chair will not suffice.

Instead, upgrade them into mobile workstation carts with a power source and space to equip all the necessary equipment such as a computer, a printer, a scanner etc. so that an employee can simply push the unit to wherever they want and perform their jobs with a lot of ease, without having to make the time-consuming trips up and down between the workstation and the inventory.

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