10 benefits of installing solar panels in 2021

The installation of solar panels has been increasingly popular over the last year. In 2021, their popularity is expected to continue to grow. It has been one of the sectors that has best dealt with the current economic and health crisis that the entire world is experiencing.

The interest in solar panels is increasing every day, both among individuals and companies who want to install them to see the benefits that they offer for themselves.

In this article we have listed the 10 main benefits of installing solar panels in 2021, and the value that their installation can add:

Choose renewable energy

Years ago, using renewable energy was seen as a long-term target that many people thought was a good idea, but one that had limited possibilities.

The high investment costs, the extended times to see a return on investments, and the poor efficiency of some of the systems prohibited the quicker uptake of these developments.

However, all of the current advances and the other benefits listed below have made the choice of renewable energy a reality, without the risk of an energy source running out, disappearing, or depreciating.

Renewable energies, such as solar energy that uses solar panels, are now accessible to us.   

Support sustainability

The best benefit of solar energy (and of renewables in general) is the support of the planet’s sustainability.

With solar panels we are able to reduce pollution emissions and the consumption of limited resources. Our environment will benefit from these changes straight away, and our nature will as well in the long-term.

By minimising our carbon footprint through the use of electricity produced by solar energy, we will be able to enjoy a cleaner and healthier planet.

Solar panel savings

The financial savings are clearly still one of the most significant benefits of investing in solar panels.

These savings are directly reflected in the electricity bill. The electricity consumption by solar panel owners results in much lower monthly costs, which has always been an attraction of opting for these installations.

An interest in self-consumption

Many international companies have seen an interest from their customers in these financial incentives and have invested in improving self-consumption.

The German company Kaseel Solar is one of those which has focused on its customers’ self-consumption, with products designed with specific solutions for said purpose. This not just improves the environment’s sustainability, but also the life quality of customers, especially helping them gain independence from energy provider companies.

Avoid tax increases

The sun will not put its rates up. This is a logical but very important difference when comparing the sun with energy providers and government measures, whose tax increases may pose a threat to family finances.

The investment in solar panels grants financial security in this regard. The consumption costs of today will not be very different from those seen over the next few years.

Solar energy will not be more expensive than it is today. This is something that cannot be fully guaranteed with energy taxes or the price of electricity.

Add value to your property with solar panels

The property market has actively seen how the installation of solar panels results in increased property prices.

Some studies show that investors are willing to pay up to 15% more for a property that has solar panels installed, in comparison to similar properties without solar panels.

In fact, energy efficiency has become a hugely influential factor when profiting from the sale of a home.

Investing in solar panels now ensures that you will get a better price for your property in the future, as well as enjoying all of the benefits from solar panels while living in your house.

Enjoy the comfort of perfect electricity

It is true that there are certain myths that exist around renewable energy, and they are not unfounded, they just refer to outdated energy sourcing technology.

Nowadays, the installation of solar panels means that solar energy can be enjoyed almost anywhere in the world.

This is largely down to the investment made in Research and Development by many international companies over the last few years.  

Current solar panel models stand out for their efficiency and service quality. This means the best energy supply can now be enjoyed at home, without worrying about the supply being cut off and with the power required and adapted to the energy demands of today.

Established businesses

The development of solar panels is not anything new. Thanks to this there are now many companies who have operated and are well established in the sector.

These companies have the international presence required to offer products to any country, with the best possible quality.

Kaseel Solar, for example, bears the quality guarantee of German engineering in its solar panel production process. It has a global distribution network and has become a market leader with anybody being able to access their products.

These companies have also understood their leadership roles in the installation of solar panels around the world. They have invested in machinery, training, specialist professionals, and innovation, in order to develop the best products on the market and to export them anywhere in the world.

New materials in the production of solar panels

The consolidation of these companies has also led to the efficiency of their products improving, thanks to the innovations of the materials used to produce the solar panels.

The high-performance monocrystalline modules, the increased efficiency PERC technology, and other materials that help with the performance and reliability of these systems mean that these panels are much more commercially attractive than traditional panels.   

New solar panel models adapted to consumption

The sector has also adapted to consumer demands. By just taking a look at the wide range of products available at some of these companies, it gives us a clear image of the variety on offer.

It is now possible to enjoy solar panels in any home or at any business. They can also be enjoyed in poor light, without this affecting the possibility of enjoying excellent energy performance. Many come with a guarantee that can sometimes be up to 30 years, clearly showing the confidence that is held in the reliability of these installations.  

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