Tasmanians have an important decision to make in March

Sarah Lovell is the Tasmanian Labor Member of the Legislative Council for Rumney

Tasmanians have an important decision to make on March 3. A decision about the kind of state we want to be, and the kind of leader we want to have.

Do we want to continue with a conservative Government, a Government who uses its majority in the House of Assembly to push through unpopular legislation? 

A Government who treats our Legislative Council with disrespect and contempt?

A Government who claims to have a “mandate” for every piece of controversial, conservative legislation?

The current Tasmanian Government, the Hodgman Liberal Government, has spent their term in power attempting to:

  • Dismantle the state industrial relations commission and cut the pay of public servants;
  • Open up reserved forests for logging - something even the forestry industry opposed;
  • Introduce mandatory minimum prison sentences and abolish suspended sentencing;
  • Roll back our nation-leading anti-discrimination laws; and
  • Criminalise protesting.

They claim to be “tough on crime” – and publicly lambastes anyone who does not agree with their legislation. Legislation that is not backed by evidence or research, and not supported by stakeholders, but is instead about playing into fear and prejudice.

They have garnered themselves a reputation for poor consultation, and as a result, have found themselves the target of widespread public campaigns, on issues such as the poorly thought out policy to lower the school starting age, and the hostile takeover of the body responsible for Tasmania’s water and sewerage infrastructure.

Their advisers and media team regularly resort to name-calling and misquoting opponents.

Is this the government Tasmanians want?

Recent election results would suggest no, with the re-election of Labor’s Craig Farrell (Derwent), and the election of three new progressive Labor members to Tasmania’s traditionally independent upper house during the past term of this Government. Labor’s Josh Willie (Elwick), myself (Rumney) and most recently, Jo Seijka (Pembroke) campaigned as endorsed Labor candidates and were each elected by convincing margins, unseating more conservative members.  The Liberal Party have been unable to win any of the eleven Legislative Council seats that have been up for election during this term of Government, and in fact have lost one seat to Labor.

By contrast to the current Premier, Rebecca White leads a vibrant, engaged team of elected members and candidates.  Candidates in the upcoming election have been working hard to engage with their communities, having real conversations about what matters to people in their electorates. Tasmanian Labor is committed to implementing a progressive agenda in power such as:

  • Removing poker machines from our clubs and pubs;
  • Introducing a Charter of Human Rights;
  • Linking education with jobs by rebuilding our broken TAFE system and supporting apprentices; and
  • Drug law reform with a focus on harm minimisation. 

The last Labor government decriminalised abortion in Tasmania. But under the Liberals all 3 clinics providing abortions have closed, forcing Tasmanian women to travel to the mainland. A progressive Labor Government will ensure Tasmanian women have full access to reproductive health services.

The message from the voters seems to be coming through loud and clear.  The conservative policies of the Liberal government are being rejected, and progressive members are being elected.  It’s time for Tasmania to elect a progressive government to deliver fair, evidence-backed policies on the issues that matter most – health, education, and jobs.  Tasmania is a progressive state, and needs a progressive government.

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