Tasmanian Labor Supports Kevin Rudd's Push for Party Reform


The ALP Tasmanian Branch today expressed its strong support for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his push for greater reform across the ALP.

“Tasmanian Labor State Secretary John Dowling said he fully supported Kevin Rudd’s statements to drive organisational reform of the Party

“Tasmanian Labor welcomes the Prime Minister’s leadership as it reinforces the reform process undertaken by the ALP Tasmanian Branch over the last two years.
“Tasmanian Labor has already moved on party reform and is leading the way nationally with a raft of changes including;
·         A UK model to elect the Parliamentary Leader of the ALP Tasmanian Branch where the rank and file, affiliates and the Parliamentary Party members all have an equal say in who the leader should be,
·         Direct election of our State President and Vice Presidents by the rank and file,
·         50% of National Conference delegates directly elected by the rank and file,
·         Opening pre selections up to the broader community with US style party primaries to take place and,
·         Establishment of regional policy branches whose officials positions are directly elected by local rank and file members.”
Mr Dowling also said the ALP Tasmanian Branch State Conference held just last weekend in Burnie made additional rule changes to increase membership participation in the Party.
“Changes supported last weekend were to embrace video technology for membership participation and increasing the number of young people represented at State Conference.
“Tasmanian Labor knows if we broaden and increase participation in party processes, it ultimately leads to a greater pool of people being involved. It gives people a sense of purpose and values their membership.
“The more people we have involved the greater the opportunity to develop better policies and outcomes for the wider community.
“Kevin Rudd’s drive for party reform is very welcome and he can be assured the Tasmanian Branch of the ALP is ready and willing to work with him to bring this about.”

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