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Prominent journalists have made a campaign video as part of the battle to maintain independence at Fairfax, in the face of pressure from Gina Rinehart.

David Marr, Peter Hartcher, Kate McClymont, Shaun Carney and Jessica Irvine. Names readily familiar to Fairfax readers and anyone who values independent journalism.

They are just some of the Fairfax journalists who appear in a new campaign video from the Media, Arts and Entertainment Alliance, which is seeking public support for an independent Fairfax.

With Gina Rinehart showing no signs of relenting in her campaign to exert undue editorial influence at Fairfax, the issue will be sure to feature next month at NSW ALP conference. 

In the meantime, show your support for an independent Fairfax. 

How you can help

  • Watch and share the video 
  • Register your support online

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