Sending the right signal

There are encouraging signs that the increase of discussion and debate within Labor is attracting the attention of alternative media, with our very own Challenge mentioned in dispatches.

That’s good news – not only for the supporters of ideas and reform within our party – but also for a public hungry for more than just political cut-and-thrust.

Crikey’s Andrew Crook writes about the recent blossoming of Labor think-tanks, policy forums, journals and websites – including Challenge. 

“For the first time in awhile the party appeared to be talking about more substantive political economy issues rather than tangential disputes drawn from the realm of identity politics.”

It's great to see a range of voices and topics of hearty discussion occurring inside the ALP from many different people and viewpoints.

Similarly, it's a welcome change to see parts of the media reflecting on such discussions and acknowledging the diversity of opinions present in the modern Labor Party.

This sort of coverage helps the public communication ideas and policies while creating an inclusive, accessible space for debate, both inside and outside the party.

It's a shame, however, that Crook didn't mention Chifley's Hill - the excellent offering from South Australia's Young Labor Left.  

I'd encourage you to have a read – there are some fantastic articles about very current debates in Australian politics.

Author: Elly Howse

Elly Howse is a former NSW Young Labor Assistant Secretary. Follow Elly on twitter @ellmo_h

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