Party People: Should Union Membership Be A Requirement For ALP Membership?



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  • commented 2014-08-11 15:30:03 +1000
    I believe when our 6 monthly Union dues come up, we should be given a $50 optional extra, of becoming a ALP member.
    I spend $700 a year with the CFMEU, I suppose it’s insurance for if I get hurt on the job.
    But we never have Local branch meetings, I’m never called up or invited to say my point of view, & because I’m casual, their relunctent to help me out. I’ve been disappointed lately with the Union. But, they still get my $700 even though I’m not getting much work on Building sites.
    I’d rather the ALP become my union & give them my $700 a year. At least I can go to meetings, share my point of view and help out with campaigning.