NSW Fabians: What Is Labor's objective?

In 1921, the ALP adopted its socialist objective. The objective outlined Labor's commitment to the socialisation of the means of production and has remained to this day in the ALP Constitution.

In his recent book, Chris Bowen called for Labor's socialist objective to be abolished and for a new more modern and relevant objective that reflects the purpose of ALP.

Others such as Labor historian Nick Dyrenfurth have instead called for the objective be updated to reflect a more “social-ist” orientation.

Should Labor's socialist objective remain or should the objective reflect a different purpose for Labor? Should Labor's purpose be liberal or communitarian or social democratic?

Join Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen, Labor historian Nick Dyrenfurth and ALP National President Jenny McAllister in discussing what Labor's objective and future direction should be.

Listen to the discussion here.

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