NSW Conference - Key resolutions


Direct election and NSW Labor's relationship with The Greens were two of the big issues tackled last weekend's state conference.

Reviewing how we select our Parliamentary Leader

Conference notes that a number of Party Units have debated the best means of selecting NSW Labor’s State Parliamentary Leader.

Conference notes that NSW Labor’s current State Parliamentary Leader John Robertson has welcomed an evaluation of the process for selecting NSW Labor’s State Parliamentary Leader, including the idea of involving Labor’s rank and file members in that decision.

A comprehensive review must therefore be undertaken to afford all members an opportunity to present their arguments as to the costs and benefits of any method for selecting NSW Labor’s State Parliamentary Leader.

Conference therefore resolves as follows:

That a commission be established to review how the State Parliamentary Leader is selected. 

That the commission of review be chaired by the Party President, and be comprised of:

  • The General Secretary;
  • The two Assistant General Secretaries;
  • 3 representatives from the State Parliamentary Labor Party;
  • 3 representatives from affiliated trade unions; and
  • 3 representatives from NSW Labor’s rank and file membership.

That the commission be responsible for reviewing the current selection process for NSW Labor’s State Parliamentary Leader, and analysing the costs and benefits of any reform in this area.

  • Moved: Chris Bowen
  • Seconded: Mark Lennon

 Ending preferential treatment for the Greens

For over 120 years, Labor has advocated for social and economic justice, the environment, the arts and civil liberties. Our achievements include: 

    • Introducing superannuation;
    • Introducing universal paid parental leave;
    • Introducing Medicare;
    • Floating the dollar;
    • Ending WorkChoices;
    • Introducing anti-discrimination legislation;
    • Introducing formal native title rights;
    • Apologising to the Stolen Generation; and
    • Introducing environmental protection laws.

Labor has a strong and proud history of delivering for all Australians by advocating a positive message of hope and opportunity, and building broad public support on social and economic issues.

Conference notes that the Greens Party refused to preference Labor before Pauline Hanson and an array of right wing minor parties at the 2011 NSW Election, but now demands preferences from Labor.

Conference further notes that the Coalition Government’s legislation prohibiting unions and environmental NGOs from running campaigns such as ‘Your Rights at Work’ only passed with the support of the NSW Greens.

Conference reaffirms Labor’s determination to always put One Nation and other extreme parties of the racist right last, and calls on other political parties to do the same.

Conference resolves that NSW Labor should not provide the Greens Party with automatic preferential treatment in any future preference negotiations.

  • Moved: Joel Fitzgibbon
  • Seconded: Jenny McAllister

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