National Policy Forum - NSW ballot now open

Elections for NSW rank and file members of Labor's new National Policy Forum - a key component of the party reform agenda embraced at last year's National Conference - are now open.

According to National Secretariat, the Forum's brief is to discuss and develop policy in a "broader more inclusive and consultative manner." 


The Forum's membership will comprise:

- 20 directly-elected, rank and file members 
- 20 union representatives 
- 20 Federal Members of Parliament.

NSW Ballot now open 

The ballot for 6 NSW members of the National Policy Forum is now open.

You can cast your vote by following this link or requesting a postal vote from NSW Branch Office by calling 9207 2000.

The following eight members of the Left are participating:

- Anne Stanley
- Cameron Murphy
- Damien Spruce
- Nicole Campbell
- Nuatali Nelmes
- Sean Macken
- Verity Firth 
- Yasmin Catley

Members of the Left are encouraged to preference all eight of the progressive candidates.

Vote now 

Cast your online ballot here


For more information on all NSW candidates, follow this link

Visit the National Policy Forum page at the Australian Labor website here

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