Louise Pratt Labor President Candidate Statement


The Australian Labor Party is the best vehicle our nation has for the creation of a fairer, just and more sustainable Australia. As a member of more than 20 years I have experienced both our successes, and our failings. I know that our capacity to deliver on our mission cannot be taken for granted.

Our party’s destiny is in our collective hands, we must forge a path towards a modern party that strengthens our capacity to deliver for all those Australians who depend on us.

It is time for our party to change. Together, there are a number of things we must do.

We must give members direct access to decision making. Too many party members are alienated by our archaic structures. They worked well last century, but now don’t serve us well.  I have worked to change this – driving the creation of Rainbow Labor and advocating for the democratisation of our party. The leadership, and this presidential ballot, are only a beginning. Members want direct democracy over candidate selection, our platform, policies and the way our party operates.

We need to be a truly national Labor Party. We need to be a modern mass party, much bigger than we are, and with a properly national membership. I have experienced how hard it is to recruit and retain members, and to campaign for what matters while every state has a totally different structure. We must fix this, or jeopardise electoral success.

We must value ourselves as a party of organised labour. It’s time to deepen and broaden our relationship with the movement that speaks for millions of working Australians. Only with unions at the heart of our party can we be a successful counter weight to the forces in our nation that privilege profits over people.

We are strongest when we act together.  We have delivered a great deal to our nation through our collective action. Solidarity is a fundamental principle of how we organise. Therefore, it’s time to bind on marriage equality. Marriage equality is not a matter of conscience, but of equality and an overwhelming majority of Australians expect us to deliver on our platform. By sticking together we can.

I lost a difficult Senate election last year. Through it all I was proud to stand with Labor’s thousands of loyal members, volunteers and voters. To stand for the party I believe in and will continue to fight for.

This election is our chance to make a statement not just about our commitment to changing the government, but to changing our politics while we're at it. To being bold, and trusting in our members.

I have been an activist all of my life, I am full of passion for our cause. My experiences, my determination to achieve progressive change and my capacity to bring people together are the reason I am seeking your support.

Together we can build a stronger and healthier Labor Party that can continue to be the successful agent of the change our country needs.

Louise Pratt - ALP National President Candidate

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  • commented 2015-04-26 22:41:37 +1000
    Comrade Pratt has my vote.