Jane Garrett Labor President Candidate Statement


The Labor Party is the only party that can build a fair Australia.

Together, we face two critical challenges:

The first is to mobilise the largest community campaign in our political history, to defeat the most conservative Liberal Party our nation has ever seen.

Their agenda strikes at the heart of a generation of hard fought and well-loved progressive reforms that have allowed our nation to prosper, while protecting those most in need.

The recent state elections were inspiring. They demonstrated that Labor is part of a movement and our movement is strong. 

Together we have defeated first term Liberal Governments.

These elections demonstrated that Labor, working in solidarity with unions, is a powerful force.

Our second challenge is to give our members a meaningful say in running our party. 

We joined the Labor Party because we want to make a difference.

We want to build a progressive Australia.

We want to make change.

For too long these ideas have been stymied by bureaucratic processes.

I want to make sure that no matter where you live, work, or come from, that you will have a say in our Labor family. Our rules should reflect that. Party reform will only work if every party member rolls up their sleeves and has their say. 

As President I am committed to ensure that your voice will be heard.

When I was elected to the Victorian Parliament, I made a commitment to Labor members that I would always fight for the rights of working people, defend the disadvantaged, and stand for a strong social safety net. 

I learnt this from my mother who was a teacher. I grew up in a household that passionately believes in the power of public education.

It’s those rights and traditions that all Labor Party members hold in common: the promise that we, as a collective – nurses, teachers, construction workers, students, childcare workers, pensioners, and many more – will build a progressive, secure and equitable Australia.

To do this, we must campaign and defy the conservative pundits and the powers-that-be.

We must expand beyond our party heartland.

We must be broad, inclusive and stand by our commitments to justice, solidarity and unionism.

To get this done, I need more than your support.

I need you to join me as we take this message to our neighbours, workplaces and communities.

That's why I am standing to be your President. We are strongest when we are united. In solidarity we can reform our party and campaign to take our nation back.

Jane Garret MP - ALP National President Candidate

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