Challenge vs the Australian


The Australian takes aim at Challenge this morning, in an opinion piece by Troy Bramston, who reviews Louise Tarrant’s article calling on Labor to fight for a fair economy.

Bramston argues that “The future for Labor, as it always has been, is not to steer leftwards and embrace fears and prejudices, but to understand the forces under way in the economy and society and to position the party as the only political force who understands these changes and has a plan to deal with them.”

We might start with this change, identified by Brian Howe when he delivered his recent report on Insecure Work to the ACTU Congress:

“…there has been no thorough public inquiry into the effects of a trend which effects up to 40 per cent of the workforce in some kind of casual, contract, labour hire or other insecure arrangement, and sees a quarter, 25% of workers with no sick leave or paid leave.”

This Labor government has done much to tackle inequality, led by Wayne Swan specifically. It is clear he has made it a personal commitment as Treasurer.

The fact remains, there is more to do.

Author: John Graham

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