The Renewable Wars Aren't Over


I’m proud that Labor’s Climate Change Action Plan includes a target of 50 per cent of our energy from renewable sources by 2030. This is an achievable, sensible, emission reduction and energy modernisation policy which when implemented will place Australia at the forefront of the growing global renewable energy economy. It places Labor on the right side of public opinion, but much more importantly, it places Labor on the right side of history.

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Why we should listen to Michael Moore about Donald Trump


Lawyer and NSW Left activist, Matt McGirr writes about why we should listen to Michael Moore about Donald Trump.

US film-maker and commentator Michael Moore has recently made an interesting case for why Trump will win the US presidential race  If you missed it, Moore suggests that, for many Americans, a vote for Trump is a big "up-yours" to the whole political system. 

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States have the power to combat inequality

The ACT Labor Government has just won a historic 5th term. Not only did we win another 4 years in Government, but maintained our primary vote and saw a 3% swing against the Liberals. This result is all the more impressive given the rancorous and negative campaign waged against Labor by the conservatives, attacking the Government's tax reform and public transport plans.

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The Little Red Hen gets her bread back

It has been twenty years since the Howard government passed the Workplace Relations Act. One of the significant changes to industrial relations law that this legislation introduced, freedom of association provisions, included a right not to join a trade union. This paper examines those changes and their effects, the background and arguments that underlie freedom of association and argues that the current arrangements are logically, economically, legally and morally flawed.  It then posits an alternative to the current regime.

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Corbyn Explained


Melbourne-based Labor activist, Michael Fisher is a member of the FSU and works as a policy researcher. Here he analyses the British Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

At the time of writing the results of the second election for the leadership of the Labour party in the space of 12 months are about to be announced. Jeremy Corbyn is widely expected to win again. The future of the party or, more precisely, the future of the relationship between the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and the rest of the labour movement appears more uncertain and fragile than at any time in the party’s 116-year history. Sharp ideological and factional lines have been drawn. Tempers are not just fraying, they are being lost every day, with the results reported every few minutes on global social media for all to see.

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