Building a healthy society: what should NSW Labor do?

Elly Howse is a public health professional and researcher interested in how environments, systems and inequalities determine people's health. 

A few years ago, a Labor activist asked me:

“What level of government has most impact on people’s health?”

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Labor for Treaty

Zac Wone is a proud Kabi Kabi man working as a wharfie at Port Botany. He is also National Convenor of Labor for Treaty. 


Well I heard it on the radio 
And I saw it on the television
Back in 1988, all those talking politicians
Words are easy, words are cheap
Much cheaper than our priceless land
But promises can disappear
Just like writing in the sand
Treaty yeah treaty now treaty yeah treaty now

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Our environmental laws: The next Labor legacy

Arin Harman is a student at Sydney University, studying Science and Law. He’s the Convenor of the Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN) in NSW.

Australia is a gorgeous country, and possesses some of the best natural landscapes in the world. The Great Barrier Reef can be seen from space, and is the largest structure on earth made entirely by living organisms. Uluru appears to change colour at different times of the day. We’re home to some of the most unique flora and fauna in the world, like koalas, wattles, echidnas, and waratahs.

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Dying with dignity

Lynda Voltz is a NSW Labor member of the Legislative Council

Over the last few decades there has been a mind shift in parliaments around the world towards legislation regarding voluntary assisted dying. This shift has also been reflected in Australian public opinion where, over the last quarter of a century, Australians have overwhelmingly supported assisted dying in opinion polls. Polling consistently demonstrates widespread support across Australia to allow terminally ill patients to voluntarily end their lives with assistance from the medical profession.

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The Australian Labor Party - Ideology, Class, or Method?

Daniel Gerrard has been a Labor campaign manager in Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and the ACT. He is currently working for Bec Cody, one of our ACT Labor MLAs, whilst doing a PhD in campaign methods.

Ask someone why they join the Labor Party today, and you’ll likely get an answer about beliefs, values, or ideology. Maybe fairness, maybe equality, or for the university educated, it may be a more or less complex discussion about social or economics, meaning more or less the same things. When you go out doorknocking, or hit the phones, and ask the same question of voters though, and you’ll often get a different answer: family heritage, tribalism, or an expression of their understanding of self.

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