What Is Labor's Objective?


Jenny McAllister spoke to the NSW Fabians about Labor's socialist objective in May 2014


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Productivity Commission Falls Short: ECEC Needs Radical Reform

Deb Brennan is Professor in the Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW. She has written extensively on social welfare, family policy and gender and politics

The Abbott Government was elected with no clear policy on early childhood education and care (ECEC). Once in office, it asked the Productivity Commission to sort it out. 

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Australian Young Labor Needs To Change


National Young Labor Left took action at this year’s Australian Young Labor (AYL) Conference to shine a light on the most dysfunctional unit of the ALP.

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Reforming The ALP


It is timely, with State Conference to consider significant reforms next month.

How the Labor Party works is important. And not only to ALP members and supporters. It goes to the heart of the functioning of our democracy.

Far from navel-gazing, this debate is essential. And it is urgent.

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MPs urged to make sweet music between venues and residents


Luke Foley says that the 'Good Neighbour Plan' is "about sending a message of mediation before litigation"

What do you do if a local bar puts on a singer you don't much like the sound of? Have a chat to the owner? Or take them to court? So many of us are taking the legal route first that the NSW Parliament is being asked to intervene.

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