Ending offshore processing is matter of gender and racial equality

Shannen Potter is NSW Young Labor Vice President

Thanks to the bipartisan policies of boat turn backs, offshore processing, and functionally indefinite detention of asylum seekers, thousands of refugees are currently suffering in inhumane conditions on Manus Island and Nauru. 600 refugees are facing life-threatening conditions without food or water after being abandoned on Manus Island. The policies of successive Labor and Liberal governments to deal with asylum seekers are causing people to die, and causing many more to suffer in conditions which no person ever should experience.

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Class prejudice is embedded in justification for offshore processing & turnbacks

Zac Gillies-Palmer is Secretary of the Sydney University Labor Club

After the heckling has died down and the cameras are off the vast majority of Labor Right will concede that offshore processing and refugee boat turn backs are fundamentally wrong. Many of us who have spoken against their ongoing support of Manus & Nauru have been treated to the drunken confessions of the Young Labor Right in which they assure us that they are ‘actually pretty left wing’ and "don’t support the current refugee policy".

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November 25 is a critical juncture for Queensland

Shannon Fentiman is the Queensland Labor MP for Waterford, and Minister for Communities, Women and Youth, Child Safety and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence.

Every State Election is billed as the most important election since the last one, but there are many reasons that the Queensland Election on November 25 is a critical juncture for this state.

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Building a healthy society: what should NSW Labor do?

Elly Howse is a public health professional and researcher interested in how environments, systems and inequalities determine people's health. 

A few years ago, a Labor activist asked me:

“What level of government has most impact on people’s health?”

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Labor for Treaty

Zac Wone is a proud Kabi Kabi man working as a wharfie at Port Botany. He is also National Convenor of Labor for Treaty. 


Well I heard it on the radio 
And I saw it on the television
Back in 1988, all those talking politicians
Words are easy, words are cheap
Much cheaper than our priceless land
But promises can disappear
Just like writing in the sand
Treaty yeah treaty now treaty yeah treaty now

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